10000+ agreements?

And seaweeds - absolutely guaranteed responses and support https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/project/732467/uk-seaweeds


  • It is not unidentified !
  • It is identified without a LIKELY ID.
  • And identified but not linking to the dictionary.

Those are not the same as unidentified. Reread the conversation above and it should now make sense.

I read him as making a joke about the 400+ software bugs.

oh dear. I am already becoming a crusty old fart?

Thanks for pointing it out: I have reread it carefully and I like!

You said it Tony guess it’s due to living in the upside down part of the planet.That’s got me over the 20 characters.I only needed 9.

10787 This is not a bug, it’s a Mississippi Moth. – Euxoa brunneigera – (Grote, 1876).
Alert. Apologies for arriving late at this forum; this is a contribution to the joke section.