12:45 today plus padding characters to appease the gremlins

I can get back into the site: but, although pages load, they’re blank. Images on the “List” screen are not loading.

Yes it was down for me too although got a different error, can’t even blame the earthquake although I felt it significantly. Down time not very long as by time I had reported it to programmers it was live again.

Yes - it quickly recovered, though was a bit “quirky” for a while.

And again, twice, today. This is the warning it is going to happen:

The Firefox info bar suggests that the page has loaded, but the “spinner” is still rotating in the “Latest Projects” pane. Any action now will result in the “500 error”.

nothing useful is reaching Orkney 14.15

We were watching the issues on the system today and logging it, clearly some people were able to upload and use the system but others not.