1st June 2022: "Think Carbon. Cut Carbon" online webinars (am and lunchtime)

Ahead of World Environment Day, Giki are running two mini 45 minute online sessions tomorrow, 1st June, to help us think carbon, and cut carbon. People have the power to change the world, and organisations, communities and individuals can empower others to do just that. The window of opportunity to cut emissions is closing. We must take collective transformative action now. Join Giki co-founder Jo Hand to learn why individual actions really matter, and how to think carbon at home and at work ahead of World Environment Day (on the 5th June).

Giki are running two 45 minute sessions tomorrow, 1st June, aiming to show the importance of our individual actions. To attend, see the links below which will allow you to sign up via Eventbrite. And choose either an early morning session, or a lunchtime session: there are 2 sessions to choose from: