A few butterflies

We are finding a few Butterflies in the Inverts Pit
We will put them here for interest and possible IDs or comment or agreements- PLEASE
Edited OUT the Argus link

Removed possible Essex skipper - Received ID. Thank you

Removed Small skipped - Received ID. Thank you

Removed Cabbage White. Received agreements. Thank you.

Removed Brown argus. Received identification. Thank you.

Removed Dark green fritillary. Received ID and agreements. Thank you.

Absolutely NOT a Butterfly but worth a look

Needs an ID

Gone, thanks to @DavidHowdon

Confirmation needed please
Was a silver studded blue. Case now closed. Thanks @miked

Are you going to delete the ones that have now been id’d, bit of a faf but would focus more on the few left to do

we should and I thought we had agreed to. But we cannot delete from here, only reduce the text and remove the link. I have just done one and will do more.
An issue, for me is that I am not always asking for ID but for confirmation and, as agreements are not timed, even dated I cannot tell IF they have been cleared, For some reason people are rarely adding comments nowadays.
Take my simple Butterfly above - 4 visits and NO comment. The agreement was there when I posted here. I could add an agreement and disappear it but that is not my idea of ethical.
And the one I have just removed was given an might be this ID by a non specialist but NO-one has agreed.
Your Silver studded Blue agreement is how it should work but perhaps you could’ve added a comment
Interestingly of course I got a Flag for that in the main site, so I know when you did it - 10:31 today

Seriously though I am wondering about the value of doing this at all. HBs Skipper has been visited once (by me), the common blue, HB’s Butterfly and my Weevil (for example) never.
IF we could add the ID Lepidoptera in the difficult cases, life would be easier.

I wonder where you get those numbers for numbers of visits as when I looked at the cream weevil it had been visited 81 times.

Oh yes Mike, the Post has but NOT the link here (number beside the link) - this shows how few people in the forum take an interest or how very few people are opening the Forum door.
On that point, the Forum should be a good focal point for all Users but it gets harder and harder to find what they need or stuff of General Interest.
It needs a review, masses of Archiving, a decent Index and far wider interest. (edited six times!)

NOT a butterfly but what MIGHT it bee (From the Pit)
3 visits from here and no comment?