A fun thing for JoC - 3

This one is a bit more tricky
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This is an interesting plant and not always easy to spot under the other shrubs, but look for the compound leaves “divided into 3 separate leaflets which are sharply toothed”

Habitat - under bushes near the coast

Well this was a lot harder for me to locate on the original post. The habitat is right but, as I usually ask myself, “ is there anything else it could be?” I don’t know enough ZA flora to know the answer. So not agreeing yet…

Agree - this is quite tricky - I’ve spent many hours pondering over photos. It’s much easier if one has seen them in the wild, often with other amateur botanists who may have had more experience than I.
Then we also have Cape Plants - an invaluable book; and Deon Kesting complied his list from all sorts of sources - giving us the plant species identified on the Cape Peninsula - narrows down the field quite a bit.
Thinking - the fruit is quite an important factor in determining the species.
Then I’ve been searching the Internet to find the corroboration if the tale that Knowltonia is a fossil plant.