A taxonomic revision of the South African endemic genus Dasispermum (Apiaceae, Apioideae)

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A taxonomic revision of the recircumscribed South African endemic genus Dasispermum Raf. is presented, including keys to the species, complete nomenclature, typifications, descriptions, and geographical distributions. In addition, two new species, D. grandicarpum Magee & B.-E.van Wyk and D. perennans Magee & B.-E.van Wyk, are described. Seven species of Dasispermum are now recognised and can be distinguished from one another by their habit (life history and growth form), leaf morphology (leaf texture, leaf colour and width of the ultimate leaflet segments), inflorescence structure (length of the peduncle, presence or absence and division of involucral and involucel bracts), fruit morphology (relative length of the styles, fruit size and the prominence and relative orientation of the ribs) and fruit anatomy (shape of the cells external to the vittae).