A Very Clever Girl

Here’s an example in which two identifications are in reverse chronological order.

Hypothesis - the times given are the times that the observation was opened, not the times that the identification, agreement or comment were submitted.

Could you all keep a close eye out for any timing errors from now onward. Server people have had a couple of goes at fixing the issue and now think it should be sorted out.

Not really necessary mike. Place a comment anywhere but write in the actual time; see that iSpot time is different to everyone else’s.by 23 mins. That does not explain out-of-sequence posts though but it’ll be a factor.
Example https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/global/view/project/755957/project-for-a-week#cid-454456

The issue seems to have been due to firewall issues preventing ispot server from accessing the time server and the particular way things had been set up, this now seems to have been resolved.

I was rather enjoying my new time-travel powers. Ah well. All good things come to an end…

I’ll try. Tuesday, 18:59hrs UTC

No, not here Th. the clock is correct. A comment in the main site is the place. Next to Mike’s greyed-name is 2h or something - mouse it and the post time is shown. Identical here.

I noted the time on a couple of agreements, and then checked them on the changes tracker. They were correct.

Yes me too just now https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/global/view/observation/755176/potentilla-reptans#cid-454590
Looks good @miked