An appropriate project?

yes thanks
We know about them. There is a reluctance to delete unattended Projects.
But some were deleted last year and a few more will go soon
The main reason I created the INDEX was to show only those that are actively managed or of use to the Community.
I have asked for vault space where old projects can be stored out of sight.
A reminder that Ladybirds are already in a Project here

So do I get let off for good behaviour?

Absolutely, I won’t mention it ever again…will I?

If there have been 500 projects, it’s quite difficult to find one that’s new… has anyone done barklice?!

Almost certainly not.
There are 364 observations of Psocoptera which includes booklice (replaced with Psocodea in recent literature)
A very quick browse suggests work to be done on resource, agreements alternative IDs and commenting.
Stenopsocidae (Barklice) has 61 Observations and would make an ideal iFocus so that we all could learn a little.
I am very supportive of Projecting proper, with resource, links, information, examples and continued commitment (I am the unofficial Index monitor)

Explore Community (filtering) is the route and method I would suggest if you just want to collect them for personal use. You create the Filter and name it. It then becomes yours in your Profile List.
I notice you have already started a collection using two different tags (there are now three) - take it easy creating new tags, there are over 50000 (yes FIFTY thousand) - few are valuable to the Community

Love it! Ain’t English a wonderful language?

As far as I’m aware, I’ve used USB camera (as suggested by you) and Ladybird2023, which I at first thought would be a good project - to encourage people to record ladybirds in 2023!
Most of the tags, presumably, aren’t related to comments. For example, I’ve added quite a few relating to individual observations, some of which are unique to me.

Some thoughts as I’ve been tied up somewhat recently!

Unattended projects:

As Derek knows well I have several geographically defined/map defined projects which are regularly updated in that I regularly visit the areas and add observations. But the text and project images may not be updated or edited very often - so “unattended”. And the pleasure of it is that others’ observations in the same area are automatically included as they fall within the map area defined in the project. I call by those projects often and value them. I also give the link to a couple of friends to share the obs at particular places.

Not always easy! Some contributors have their own tags for their garden or similar and those are not going to be readily used by anyone else. But none of the tags is exclusive to anyone as we all appreciate, the vast number present are present for us all. I for one hope to add the Ladybird2023 tag to a ladybird obs in the course of this year. :slight_smile:
The issue for me is the sheer number of similar tags, I recently fell foul of that!

Possibly not used often enough! One can and I am sure most do have lists of filters in their own bit of iSpot, created by using the map and filtering for eg fungi and lichens and then self as observer to create and saving a filter for own fungi. iFocus projects often only need filters, no map necessary within the UK and I community (or global for that matter) and that makes some iFocus projects easier, just the text to worry about!

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Yes, learning how to search the records makes an enormous difference. I haven’t (yet) saved any of the filters because they are so easy to apply from scratch.

I had prepared a huge listing of all the projects created so far and was going to stick it in here but at last moment decided not to as it is not clear if that would help. The only thing it might do is make it easier to search since the normal ‘Google powered’ search on ispot tends to be fairly hopeless.

It could be a useful reference but would people find it in this thread?

Absolutely, your’e right, @Surreybirder it’s easy. Unless you have too many to manage, having saved some filters can be handy and even quicker to access such as ‘my fungi’ and that avoids one or two slipping through the net should you rely on tags and forget to add one!!! Not that I would forget … :slight_smile:

So are my Indexes of little value? I really need to know, honest
Most of those left out, apart from those where I have ASKED for an update, are just filters

Community Projects -
Personal Projects -
And the :star:SOME iLinks on the Home Page is a giant filter - is it of value?

Sorry, I know that I’m not in the right thread but I have a question: is there a way of searching iSpot for a name? There was a thread somewhere which mentioned Martin Harvey and what he is doing since he is no longer active on iSpot. I wanted to refer to a talk which he is due to give soon on wildlife recording. But I don’t remember where the thread was! (It may have been the one in which @dejayM was talking about some of the ‘pioneers’?
In case I lose the link, see: Why iRecord? Virtual Symposium Tickets, Fri 21 Apr 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite which may be of interest to some iSpotters.

you can search THIS forum, Use the magnifying glass, top right
Martin’s Profile is here
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