An exciting find near Kleinmond

Mimetes stokoei is a Critically Endangered species, endemic to Kogelberg Nature Reserve. Thought to have been extinct until its re-discovery in 2001.

Redlist has: “fire-related fluctuations occur in one small subpopulation of about 24 mature individuals of this species…Dormant subpopulations are easily overlooked in surveys.”
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Veld & Flora - Redemption : the continuing story of Mimetes stokoei
Author Peter Slingsby and Amida Johns
Source : Veld & Flora, Volume 95, Issue 3, Sep 2009, p. 136 - 139
Fifty-nine years ago, in September 1950, the last flowering Mimetes stokoei of the Twentieth Century withered and died on its lonely mountain top. Less than a dozen people had seen the species alive in the veld since the prolific botanical collector and well-known mountaineer, Thomas Pearson Stokoe, had found it in 1922; five herbarium specimens, two poor paintings and a single colour photograph were all that remained. Against all hope, in 1966 a single lonely seedling appeared, only to be damaged and die in 1969 before it had ever flowered.
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© Publisher: Botanical Society of South Africa
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Scanned image of the original 1922 specimen from the Kew database

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