Anomalous behaviour?

Looking at Palomena prasina | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature, I see that no other observations are linked though a search of the site shows numerous previous observations (with a likely ID.)

I wonder if you saw that before you added your agreement? Likely the observer had no icons so there would be no likely ID till you kindly provided one by agreeing. No likely ID means no links to other observations. Observer gets an icon following that agreement, I think. And the other obs should appear once there is a likely ID.


That could be … and I see that the other obs have appeared now. If thisis the iSpot policy, I wonder if it should be revised so that other obs are shown for all observations with an ID on the grounds that they could be of particular assistance to iSpotters who have not yet built up the necessary reputation to trigger a Likely ID?

I have wondered about this several times as well. Not sure how easy it would be to change the code or if it would actually change the behaviour of the person making the ID because they are likely to be somone with little knowledge of that group. On the other hand they may actually check the other observations as they are supposed to and realise it is correct or not.

Sounds like an easy change to make: the other obs would be shown with no conditions.
Because the other obs are only shown after the ID is made, I doubt if it would change user behaviour other than, perhaps - and I accept that with new users it may be a big perhaps - encouraging them to check that their ID still looks reasonable.

Other Observations are linked to the ‘Validity’ of the ID.
There are thousands of invalids, plenty which are made by beginners or the careless.
What would be the point of IDing a Dandelion and invoking 49 Other Observation photos, if it is in fact a Hawkweed, that has not been corrected, may never be corrected?
I see no reason for a Code change (yet) because there are many other things that need to be put ‘right’

Hadn’t thought much about this till Thistle asked the question. But I think it might be best left the way it is meantime? Higher priority stuff to be tackled, I agree with that. But it’s interesting, good question to ask.

If those 49 Other Obs between them show features which are clearly Dandelion and not Hawkweed (eg hollow flower stem exuding milky latex), the poster might - just might - take note and think about revising their ID. It would be more obvious if pictures of a bird with a long flowing tail appeared instead of a butterfly when the initial ID was “Peacock”.

Actually I agree (in general) but not yet. It is tied in with the Likely Banner so may may have repercussions, There are too many other things that our brilliant Codesman can do (is doing)
I can see no reason why Other Obs should be deliberately hidden from low-Icon users.
But rather than see Other Obs too late, why not suggest that everyone searches iSpot before adding an ID. I do (both) and it definitely helps me.