Another update, another improvement!

Many thanks to the team for the latest update. I’m particularly glad to see that observations now automatically open in a new tab. Many thanks.

Is that a setting that can be changed? I’d really like to be able to turn it off - I’d rather decide for myself how I want my web browser to open links.

I don’t think so. (And the cynic in me suggests that the fewer user-selectable options we have, the more reliable the site is likely to be.)

On the old site, observations always opened in a new tab and this was changed in the new version. Unfortunately, if you opened an observation in the same tab, the [back] button would take you to the top of the page of observations rather than back to the position on the page where you were before. A lot of time had to be wasted scrolling down to get back to your previous position: I found that a bit of a pest.

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Are you sure that happened on the old site? I’m sure I would have noticed (and found it very irritating).

Of course I have tabs turned off as much as I can on my browser so it may be that I had just managed to block it there, but the programmers have got round it here (although at least they do open in another browser window rather than a new tab on my set up).

Did it? I’m not certain. But we did have Next and Previous and I suspect they opened in a box or new Tab.
I am wondering whether the SITE or Users benefit greatly from improvements in the Quiz. - chus askin’
But yes, from the List View and in Projects (not the Carousel) a new tab opens - I’d also prefer to have the choice over that, and always have done with the Ctrl or Shift option.
This (below) isn’t bad - Gallery view; we can choose to see if there are IDs, agreements or comments, we can close it with a click we can open the whole with a click

See, for example, BUGS, ERRORS and FAILURES where the change is mentioned. I habitually look at the observations list and use the “View Full Observation” button to look at the details. That route has now returned to opening in a new tab - hurrah! - but I appreciate that other routes may have had different results.