Anyone can help me identify my photos please?

it is for my university project and i have been struggling

It depends to a degree on what you what to identify. (Should you be seeking advice from your tutor/lecturer/supervisor?)

Use to offer them for identification (one taxon at one site per observation).

Absolutely right - good photos (preferably different angles) of wildlife stand a good chance of an ID here, but:
Give us lots of detail about habitat. F’rinstance, food-plants can help identify caterpillars. Don’t recognise the food-plant? Add it as a separate post, hopefully someone else can.
Look at other similar posts (e.g. if you have a fungus, look at other fungi posted) - you’ll see questions being asked - often the same ones: it tells you what people will look for.
By all means add an ID of your own (you don’t have to go to species, there are broader options), but always pick from the drop-down list that appears when you start typing - otherwise the links don’t form properly. An ID is NOT essential at this stage- picking a general category will do.
Ask for help if you need it - people will always try to point you in the right direction.