Are you do you know a youngish(ish) botanist or entomologist

There is are interesting jobs going


Other ones as well

Good luck


The big question about jobs like this and the computing related ones on biodiversity is will they ever get anyone who is good to do them.

There are lots of young people who want to follow Greta and say we must not destroy the planet but by the time they are old enough to do jobs like this they simply go to the similar jobs in big tech or pharma where the pay is 2-3x higher.

At various times in my career especially when I was doing mainly statistical or geographical analysis there were jobs in pharmaceutical industry that I could have applied for offering much higher salary (and I know people who did go for them and are now doing very well) but I suspect difference in pay then is not as extreme as it is now.

So the question is are there people who are dedicated enough to do the job for a reasonable salary and continue in the job and not just move as soon as they have learned a bunch of new techniques when they could get a much higher salary elsewhere.

It sounds very similar to my first job, checking data at BRC when it was at Monks Wood. And look where it got me. I’ve now got my own bike.

But John. think of the years of pleasure and for the present urge to get out on the bike in all weathers.
Had you have been statistician, you’d be buried by numbers by now!