Ash dieback and how to gather observations

I was wondering what the best way of gathering these observations would be, presumably a project since the organism is not in the current dictionary. Tag Ash dieback.

I have found an affected tree not far from home.
This one is a large sapling.

Came across this one In dejayM’s UN IDd Fungus Project. It needs an agreement to make it Likely though.

Are symptoms of ash dieback visible in the photograph? The photo was taken in March, when an ash wouldn’t usually be in leaf, and I think I can see a few healthy-looking black ash buds on the right-hand side. Is the observer suggesting that the “rings of moss” are indicative?

Those rings of moss look like they are growing on a substrate that had been added to the bark.
Perhaps a farmer has passed by with a muck spreader with a little bit left in it.

Here is a good post of dieback.
That and the guidelines posted by JoP in this thread are informative

Thanks, JoC.
I suppose I am doubtful that the observation posted above actually shows ash dieback. Which isn’t to say that the tree is not suffering from it, but that there is no apparent obvious evidence (that I can see) in the photo itself to lend support and make me want to click on I Agree.
I see that dejayM has added a moss ID, which makes me think that he has doubts as well. I also stuck on an ash dieback observation. The checkers at forestry research said my observation showed all the symptoms but would not confirm it without a specimen that they can grow in the lab.