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I recently posted a question elsewhere …

Today’s silly question.
I was watching a Woodpigeon in the garden. It wasn’t doing much, not even chasing other pigeons. It was really rather boring. I yawned. … … … Do birds yawn?
(I warned you it was a silly question 😀)

I’ve received a selection of answers ranging from “Of course they do” through “My parrot yawns” to “It depends what you mean by ‘yawn’”. What does the panel here think?

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Well, i have seen birds, particularly blackbirds, open their beak wide and not utter a sound. I have noticed it more often on early cold mornings, when their breath condensates in the cool air.
I KNOW blackbirds yawn.
One to watch for and photograph would be the curlew
It’s been talked about before Do birds yawn? | BirdForum

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Marine question. What do Chiton, Chlamys and Zostera have in common?
They are all named after ancient Greek clothing.
Zostera, I can see the link … the other two are not so obvious to me…

I didn’t know that. And none of them are tunicates…

Bless Amadan on this cold morning… chiton | Etymology, origin and meaning of chiton by etymonline and
Chlamys Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster and
zoster | Etymology, origin and meaning of zoster by etymonline

Cold indeed! A layer of hailstones left by last night’s thunderstorm rounded off a week of overnight frosts.
Thursday’s gale saw the heaviest “fen blow” of my decade around here: visibility down to about 20

m on the Long Drove - much thicker than this old dashcan shot. We were repairing some fencing at Holme in the teeth of it. Peat everywhere - ears, eyes, nose, hair!