Autumnal favourites 2022

You don’t need sharp close-up photos to produce a really good post:


But you do need a bit of luck so thank you for featuring. We took this with an ipad; there were just a few minutes when it was visible - then the light changed. Today the web is there again - maybe a new one, or maybe it’s a female who is keeping the web from day to day. At one point - just a few moments, we saw the single thread that runs to the retreat. The spider herself we not knowingly seen.
I hope your Autumn Favourites will gather more posts.

A Hat trick of excellence, early this morning
More seaside Observations are needed


Good, innit?
Pesky padding added.

I enjoyed this one as much for its novelty as the subject:


One to spot!


More ideas needed

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Great fun but completely baffling!!

It looks like a pile of river silt that has been under a plastic sheet so that invertebrates have crawled between the sheet and the silt.

I agree, it does. You could try for an ID and I might agree

Do they really use river silt in that manufacturing process?

Results are in


Another wonderfully engaging post from this user. She’s turning up all sorts of unusual and challenging observations, intermixed with things like this, that are an absolute delight.


Agreed. Wonderful contributor, an iSpot treasure.