Biological Terminology

Thanks once again, Jo! I must look through the whole celebration series as I only know a bit about one, Stackhouse of Fucus fame and why I went to Stackhouse Cove recently. Some learning for the winter, methinks!

Sphaeroblast, courtesy of Mark Wilson

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Thanks. That’s pretty comprehensive. Does anyone know of anything similar for other groups? I think something along these lines on insects would be particularly useful, perhaps followed by fungi and lichens.

I cannot vouch for its authority but insects are covered by:

I watch here and add ‘stuff’ to this

Readers of this forum topic may be interested in this observation, well the paper linked to it: Twice bitten 2 | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
I stuck that paper in as it supposedly answers the question as to whether morphology, chemicals and DNA can all separate out taxa for a difficult group such as Peltigera lichens.

I know this is a bit tangential but this blog post has the most incredible list of references down the right-hand column. The one on beetle morphology, for example, is potentially very helpful. There are also articles on subjects such as ‘collecting’ insects (i.e. taking live specimens for examination) and a reference to German beetles with photographs.

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