Broke again: padded to 15 characters

Since this morning I can log into my changes tracker and the forum. But the list of observations still won’t load.

You will have solved that by now (I hope). But the site appears to be working well, except for the list here New year 'solutions?

It wasn’t responding as of an hour ago. But, as others have found, I have less free time now I’ve retired: not more. So I didn’t sit patiently living in hope…

Still not working at 1940hrs on Mon 26 Mar 2018. Observation list fails to load, just a spinning whatsit on an otherwise blank field. Observation gallery is OK.

… but back running again (on a different computer) by 2125hrs.

Spoke too soon! First page of list was fine but the 2nd page hung with the spinning whatsit.

Same here: first page loaded as fast as it ever has. The second page won’t load at all.
Lesser (wo)men would lose heart…

Useful Filters
yes, the interesting thing nowadays is that we can filter the Nation’s trackers for that period. I must have been watching Materchef! (definitely not East Enders)
(My Activity Tracker)

But the site appears to have been running
(my Changes Tracker)