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Andrew @Andrewm
these should all be moved out of the General Discussion - I have moved mine to Report Problems - more logical

I can’t move yours but click the pencil beside the title and change Cat. to Report Probs and click the tick. Tell me if you don’t agree.

Android functionality not good.

Please be specific.
What is not good?
What is not working?
What is not obvious/intuitive?
What is missing?
And explain.

I was under the impression that a lot of the stuff that was ridiculous on my PC was because it was needed for cellphone use. Are you suggesting that this might not be true?

Everything is incredibly slow on Android (even with good Wifi connection). You also get the strange “Error: missing or invalid token” message. Plus the inability to get back to ispot from the Forum. I’m sure there are other issues.

What about starting a thread called Using Androids and another Using iDevices (if that’s the right expression). I imagine that some people might be using these fairly successfully at the mo.

that there are threads for Reporting bugs, errors, annoyances and downright stupids.
PLEASE find the right Alphabetical Heading. It does not matter how often things get reported but please check that you are not repeating it over and over again.

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here they are https://forum.ispotnature.org/c/report-problems