Bugs Alphabetical H

H Bugs Alphabetical H

HTML Code.
Many of us like to use HTML Code in Description and Comments - bold and italics particularly.
Can it be reinstated please and perhaps with some guidance as in the last edition.
I particularly MISS the href code and H3

The carousels are looking almost the same every day

Depends if the UK or southern Africa is busy, but ditto.

The old system whereby we had our own community (instead of stupid global: I dont have references to help with global or UK stuff; they just clutter up the help confirm and stop me gettting to southern African observations where I can make a difference)

But the beauty of the old site where they only appeared if they were not identified for 7-10 days is totally lost on these iSpot-unfriendly designers. No understanding of the site dynamics at all!

The problem with these codes is the need to edit. On the old site I must have edited by comments and replies on average 3 times before I was happy with them. Invariably I was finished editing and happy by the time someone responded and locked the editing, except for Ants - Peter Slingsby was always too quick for me.

On this new site without any recourse to edit and adjust, the cockups with html code will cause problems. Solution:

  1. Allow html
  2. Allow edits

a blessing in my Projects is to be able to EDIT the Description Panel. This has meant that I can repair some of the MESS made by the recode.

My project lead-pages will always be dynamic and changed regularly but…
Each time I edit I have to ‘do’ the HTML Code again - please make HTML Code STAY where it is placed between edits.

It is possible to complete an Observation without stating the Habitat/
(“The last reply to this topic was 691 days ago”)

So IS it STILL worth reporting bugs and issues in this way - https://forum.ispotnature.org/c/report-problems

Since the set of habitats is incomplete we’d want it is remain the case that one can complete an observation without stating a habitat. (There was considerable discussion on this issue on the iSpot mark I forums. One point is that the set of habitats differ across the globe - you don’t get mangrove or desert habitats in Britain.)

Yep, I agree - but it suggests there is a need to increase the Options - like Road and Pathway Edges, even Reservoir Drawdown area, say?
Perhaps a box to describe the Habitat is enough - “…in Limestone cave entrance”?
I have never seen it a problem until iSpot ZA what’shisname told me to choose the right Marine Zone!
But do we want hundreds - like Railway Embankment, Canal Cutting etc? Or NONE!
Habitat SHOULD differ in each Community of course.
I subscribe to GeoGraph, filling in the overlapping Habitat tags is lengthy - Water/Canal/Urban/Derelict/Community Project/Historical - goes on and on…I suspect few do it at all.