1. How do we coordinate that?
  2. What proportion of users will just never come back?

How many users are not back after June?

See my PM.

too early to say. the upgrade overlaps with school holidays, so lots of people still away. Need more time to determine this …


It looks above as though you might have thought I was being serious, suggesting that no-one was telling them.

And[quote=“Tony_Rebelo, post:185, topic:92”]
They don’t seem to care.
really? I hadn’t noticed…
Chuckles, slightly nervously, and get’s on with something serious…
Hang on a minute, THIS is serious

A thought. Me being a bit anal again. Perhaps if we put the gripes in alphabetical order they would respond. At this point it is all jumbled up.
So if we started a new thread, BUGS ALPHABETICAL and had each one neatly labeled, then they would be able to look at them coherently and reply to each one as it is dealt with.
( I am not sure if it is possible, but I will give it a try and see how it works).

Yes, fair. Now see Bugs Alphabetical C

Oh heavens. What a stupid idea. And now dejayM has tried to implement it. Heaven help us!!!

What on earth is alphabetical???
By type of bug?
By the modules in which it resides?
By the name that some user has decided to call it - often totally inappropriately? (let alone any synonyms, different names, different ontologies)
By the time it will take to fix?
By the page on which it occurs?

And what about ordering it alphabeticaly within the alphabet heading. So under “M” the Ms will not be alphabetical, but haphazzard.
And the linear structure of these forums means that any queries, replies, comments will mess up with the layout.

Not the brightest of solutions!!

Especially seen that there is already a solution in place. A spreadsheet. That the programmers can organize (if they wished - they would need to add a few fields perhaps) into any sequence or grouping that they like.


Trying to sort out the parameters of this:

What is happening? it was suggested that with time Google will map the pages on the new iSpot.
But the opposite seems to be happening. Fewer and fewer iSpot pages are showing up, and almost all of them are old ones, some of which are linking to the current site.

The site has been up now for 4 weeks and the 800 000 original pages are still not on Google.

Try it.
Google search something easy to track; Try Roridula (a Cape endemic). The top 4 entries on Google used to be iSpot. Now I cannot find iSpot on the first three pages.

So let us try the iSpot search (knowing full well that it uses Google):

In the All tab there are 6 results: - all to the old site.
In the Identifications tab there are 2 results – both to the old site

(note the old elegant urls: the new url is : https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/observation/420177/roridula-dentata - 3 times longer!!)

Now let us try the taxonomy tab:
(the search said there were 3 pages, but when I pressed on the 3rd it bombed out, and I had to redo the search and it then said only 1 page)
Now what would I expect in the taxonomy tab? I should think dictionary links.
Well the first is to the old ZA dictionary page and the second to the non-existent old CoL dictionary page, but then there are irrelevant links – nothing to do with the dictionary, but all old site and defunct.

It is now 30 days of over three-quarters of a million observations and not a single one is recorded by Google!!
And some genius has decided that iSpot can use Google to do its searches!

For the record:
There are 13 observations of Roridula dentata and 16 of Roridula gorgonias on iSpot.
So I would have expected A MINIMUM of:
All tab: 29 observations + plus all those that mention it
ID tab: 29 observations (only!!! – this is for IDs)
Dictionary tab: 3 (one for the genus, and one each for the species)

I don’t know what is wrong, but it looks to me like Google is not being allowed to map the site, even though it is being used as the engine for the searches.

So: No TRACK, No CHANGES and No SEARCH. If someone suggested that the OU is deliberately trying to kill iSpot by making it unusable it would be hard to find evidence to the contrary.

This won’;t help of course

Nothing above will HELP. We are frustrated, that’s all
I find Tony’s error reporting quite difficult to follow, though IMPORTANTLY if the Programme Writers do, or eventually will, then that’s good enough.
I was afeard of this back-lash, hence my attempts to the get the Alphabets into a separate category but that will not happen.
To be honest I think the whole Forum is a shambles and it reflects our total dissatisfaction.
I can’t help more except perhaps respond to others, But I am not giving up…I still like posting, agreeing, reading and being inspired. I need to get out more.

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I love you! Go for it!
Am with you all the way!


199 postings: estimated read time 29 minutes

The debuggers wont do any debugging if they have to read this!

I’ve repeated the search & now there’s nothing

The old iSpot pages are slowly vanishing from Google, but the new iSpot is not being found by Google.

So the iSpot search is going from outdated to nothing! Totally useless.

The big question is: Why?

In the light of the way things are working I am willing to bet that the designers decided not to let Google display iSpot at the same time that they decided that they will use Google to do the iSpot searches.

As I have said before, I am a cynic …

Errors this morning:
“500 - Internal Error Something has gone very wrong - please try clearing your browsers cache & cookies, restarting your browser and returning to the page that caused the problem. If the problem persists contact iSpot.”
This on attempting to access the site (Windows 10/Firefox: tried clearing cache and cookies without success).
Tried using Google Chrome, but page would initially not load at all, “Error 504: bad gateway” when I finally logged in and came to the forum page to log in (Same system). Closed Chrome and cleared cache etc.
Now seems to be working with Chrome.
Updated: no, it isn’t. The “500” error occurs if I try to load any observation in a new tab.

What time?

Had the same error at 12h50 +2h. for southern Africa
First Chrome reported that the Cloudfare CT was working but iSpotnature.org was down
offered me the option of a direct link not via Cloudfare
Then I got “500 - Internal Error Something has gone very wrong - please try clearing your browsers cache & cookies, restarting your browser and returning to the page that caused the problem. If the problem persists contact iSpot.” (and of course a page freeze: cannot get back onto the page).
Clearing the page (not the cache) and reload gave the same.
Third page roload got me on.
No trouble afterwards with observations or anything.

Recurring again at 13h08 +2h. Forums working OK, but not iSpot.

It began about 10 minutes before I posted the report. It then returned when I saw your e-mail: I could not log back in until a couple of minutes ago (say 12:25 BST).

Site coming and going. Am getting odd comments and IDs in ,but mostly site is unavailable.

I cannot access anything but the forum at the moment. Giving up for the time being.

Same here, whole of today I’ve struggled with this error-not that there’s any reward to succeeding.