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so we should test this and see if it’s a regular fault. I will in a minute and report here.
EDIT I tried to destroy this post by removing one pic at a time, adding # or? to the titles, editing the text in description and Location. I shut down my Browser and opened again. The Observation is still perfect (in every way!)

I cannot ID this

because it is in the GLOBAL community despite being on the Cape Peninsula in South African in southern Africa - because it is linking to CoL instead of to the SANBI dictionary.

Why must we put up with this RUBBISH!!!

It is Disperus capensis subsp. capensis Moederkappetjie. How do I make that ID???

What is inexplicable is that when posted iSpot linked to the SANBI dictionary and then made this a global observation, thus hiding it from the southern African community.

Which proves nothing, other than that iSpot is not totally unpredictable.

We need to find out when it does not work: no need to try and break it when it does (we are nowhere near trying to find the 1: 1000 observation bugs - we are still at the 1: 1 bugs!)

In this case we need to find out why it is breaking in some cases. One possibility is that a character or feature was allowed in the upload and then not allowed in the edit. So we are probably looking for some illegal or strange character in the filename or title, or perhaps a way that iSpot stores it that it then cannot recreate. I dont know what else, but those would be my first port of calls.
The problem is that by the time one detects the missing picture, one cannot remember what one did and what might have caused this bug …

The problem is that there are so many bugs: wrong community allocation, wrong ID link to dictionary, dates going missing, groups going missing, longitude not loading properly, and pictures going missing. Which should rename the site iBug!

Yes, this a Global Post in a ZA Setting. I am almost willing to bet that erweedanie visited Global Community before posting a ZA Observation - a KNOWN bug results
Do remember that he.let’s call him Daniel, is new here (it is his first post) so almost anything can happen. YOU cannot add Disperus capensis subsp. capensis Moederkappetjie because it is not in the CoL.
The simple and immediate solution, if he’s living with you, it to ask him to post again making certain he is in the ZA Community from the beginning.
An underlying issue is that we are all locked into a specific Dictionary - it would be nice to have the choice.


Now please indulge me. How am I to ask Daniel anything? I dont have his phone, or his email. If I leave a comment on iSpot he will never know to go and see it. And what will he think of the site. He will immediately look for a decent site that works properly and where you dont have to redo everything because of bugs …

Daniel can you hear me? There are 5 million people in Cape Town! I dont think I can ask him loud enough.

No it would not. Then everybody would choose a funny dictionary and iSpot would be unusable.
What WOULD BE NICE, is if iSpot:

  1. Worked properly
  2. Collected the results from all of the dictionaries seamlessly so that users did not even know that there was more than one dictionary.
  3. That iSpot only had one dictionary - but alas that will not happen for centuries …

Don’t SHOUT. We ALL know this is trash.
To be fair we are giving as much indulgence as we can - me as much as anyone.
I said you could ask Daniel if he is living with you - there is no other way. But maybe you trained him, so he should be looking at comments.

Yes, yes, yes Tony we know that iSpot is Trash and the ‘masters’ are all on holiday, we can trash the classroom or wait a bit longer.

I am not shouting !!! I AM SCREAMING!!!

But I did not trash the classroom: I made 3 suggestions. I do hope that at least the first will be looked at!

I have never needed to collect emails from users on courses. If I needed to contact them I merely left comments on iSpot. ALAS …

Oh. Do you remember a little button on the Images page of the add-an-obserrvation wizard (or was it before the wizard) that allowed you to choose which picture to upload the coordinates and date from?

Could have used it this morning! A few observations where I uploaded the wrong picture into first place and so got bad coordinates. Took me quite some time to find the correct localities. That little button could have saved me half an hour …

I have for some time now used the workaround of uploading the picture I wanted the coordinates from first and then swapping the pictures around for the one that I want in front position, but I am beginning to miss the button.

Speaking of classrooms you didn’t comment on >>THIS<<
No-one else should be able to see it!

What would you like me to notice?

PS: I think anyone can visit. Secrecy is by lack of knowledge not by exclusion.

Photos still there for me at 1645hrs.


Need a laugh?
Go here and read everything

Had some fun there until David came and spoilt it all!

Do you have another?


Tony is correct, now your clue exists anyone can follow

Another Project GONE?

This was a Badly Titled, collection of Fish. It may well have been tongue-in-cheek, an experiment or even Spam - we’ll never know, unless someone says…Can someone say?

This is a problem with iSpot.
Anyone can add an observation or project, leave them for a time and then delete them.

The problem is that in the meantime, others have contributed an ID and comments - which in my opinion makes it unethical for the contribution to be deleted: it is no longer the right of the contributor to decide on the deletion: it must be a group decision of all contributors.
Similarly, the observations or projects are linked to and from, and not only within iSpot, but also in other datasets - such as the iSpot Bayesian Keys, or the southern African e-flora or other sites. It is thus a problem when these turn up bad links.

The iSpot terms and conditions should simply state: you retain full copyright on your pictures, but once posted on iSpot and anyone else has contributed to them, then they cannot be removed except by the site administrator and only under exceptional circumstances. Allowance for adding pictures (and re-ordering), changing titles, locality and description and habitat, and adding tags should be all that is possible for observations, and editing title, description and pictures for projects. Of course this is impractical (e.g. observations with several species, or with some wrong pictures, or projects with faulty filters or polygons), but the spirit is what is important.

What is “savs”??

In this case though, it sounds like this was spam. This is an advert for soccer links and would be inappropriate on iSpot no matter what filters were used. Deletion is definitely the option in this case.

Rhubarb etc,etc,etc,

Some IDs not coming up e.g. Wall (Lasiommata megera) butterfly and Box Tree Moth (Cydalima perspectalis) seem problem that they are not in the CoL “global” directory on iSpot - Chris Brooks trying to post ID for me,