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Here y go See picture 2. as a novice I may not know what could cause this (you and I would group it invertebrate) so a novice does the best she can.
If it’s caused by a tree frog or giraffe, then all will be well with the next ID but if we think it’s moths, then the Observation is DOOMED!

Another test post

I think it’s typing speed. I’ve found if the search gets behind delete all the letters which are being ignored and then add them back slowly, one at a time, then you get to the correct place

Not a fix: only the higher orders are giving the “Other Organism” Bug. Lower down the tree it is OK.

Thanks. So I learned touch typing and fast typing, and now I discover iSpot is designed for those who hunt and peck and cannot cope with ordinary typing.

Just what other surprizes do the programmers have in store for us?

I know…,but I meant we can fix those annoying LepiOOs by adding that ID (Heterocera) as long as it’s a moth.
I know of course it’s a Serious Code-abnormality (SC-ab) but until ‘they’ fix it, it’ll cause me grief in my Project.

I’ve just added two additional images to an observation loaded yesterday (which had several agreements and comments) - only the two images are now visible, the previous four have vanished …

Whilst reading the latest additions to this topic, the screnn blanked out, then I was dumped back at the iSpot main page. I was logged into both the observations and forum at the time. Weird.

I believe the site is becoming increasingly unstable.

  • Slow, or failure, to load pages;
  • absent Edit button sometimes;
  • picture uploads never completing occasionally;
  • begin edit to find pictures absent;
  • constant geyed-out internal links
  • search results inconsistent & unpredictable (generally useless of course)

I had a visit from the PICTURE-THIEF today. I had 12 pictures in a post and needed to enter two more and change the text.
I really did not notice the pictures were missing so simply dragged in a new one then set about editing the text. When I came to upload the second one all except the first were gone!
There is only ONE escape, DON’T Save. Close the Browser and do it again. Be on your guard when editing posts, check that pics are present before you edit, even editing the title and saving will ruin your day.
On another note but somehow related.
I suppose most people are fed up seeing the long summary of what we, ourselves, been doing? Yes?

Yes. Try uploading 100 observations!!! To sort out what you created and identified from what other people have identified or commented on or agreed to is a total shambles. I had to go through 8 screens today trying to figure out what was mine, and what I wanted to see. It does not help having duplicates and triplicates and manyplicates all over the place, so that when one Agrees to an ID one gets a stupid message saying something obtuse - which if you are in the know, means that you have aready “I agreed” to the observation in one or more of the many duplicates you have opened. And of course, as one agrees or comments the list moves back, so that by page 5 one is opening up to 20 observations that you have already seen that are marked as having a new ID or a new Comment, but which has merely moved from page 4 to page 5 as you went through commenting and agreeing to the observations that you were looking at.
A frightfully inefficient system! What on earth was wrong with the the well-thought out and efficient old one? What is wrong with today’s programmers that 5 years ago they could do far, far better?

I uploaded the wrong image on an observation on Monday. When I edited the observation to correct this I didn’t have to delete the original image, as iSpot “kindly” lost it for me.

It all seems rather pointless listing these things here or trying our very best to record things when no-one appears to be watching, listening or reacting;
This Thief may be operating in an area no-one is bothered with. We can, for instance, accidentally and quite innocently be in one community and edit a post in another. One might then find the Community Thief working alongside the PictureT - who knows?
It’d be nice to know, so in the instances, where the PictureT creeps in, we should back-track to see how we let it in
But, you know, why bother. Look back through this topic - has anyone from the ‘Committee’, Coding team or upper management ‘said’ anything?
I think miked is unwillingly impotent here but does at least, try to cheer us up with with his gems

! trapped the Picture Thief today but had no way to kill it - it escaped.
Two pix then - the first with the thief active, the second not.
I was to edit the text in a post with several images here

One pic has the Images present, the other not.
I back-tracked my entry to the Changes Tracker, but that proves nothing.
So it is alive and well, waiting for the unwary.
ALWAYS check you Images when doing ANY edit, if they are not there DON’T save.

Can you see the images you have posted here? I can’t and note they are from the approval server so I assume almost noone will be able to see them?

Please explain? What pictures?

The images above look fine, and editing observations seems to be working fine too.

No, somehow you have been working in an Approval site I have not seen . These images are only in my Computer and are here as screen prints
They are from the Open site yesterday. The observation is one of mine. Tony is not confused. Editing Obs is fine nearly all the time but the Thief sits waiting… and I am glad I have seen her Here she is…

I dont recognize her. Is she iThief or iRubout or even OutSpot?

i have been away for a week. I came back expecting some fixes - none.(as far as I can see)
the Carousel is faulty still but I see there’s been a lot of talking
This crashes nicely - 500 Eternal Error

Bad show…

Links from “Articles” produce an error in Firefox:
I clicked on one of the links from the “Mammals” page. Firefox (or perhaps Avast security) blocked the connection as insecure.

Having discovered that this happened from any of the other links I tried, I copied the addresses and pasted them directly into new tabs. In each case, the page opened normally.
As the Americans say, “WTF”?