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The Picture thief may still be here and may be disguised @miked.
Not for the first time I was allowed to enter 15 illustrations. But when edited, the post refused to upload until I removed one.
So this is the thief in disguise and a little less angry

How many times do I have to point out that i) I switched my agreement in away from Tony’s ID only because miked asked for examples where a lesser reputation has trumped a greater.
And ii) as you’ve now agreed to my ID, dejay, even though I specifically asked that no more agreements be made, what’s to stop others agreeing Tony’s & spoiling the case completely,if it hasn’t been already?
iii) I don’t believe my ID’s right & Tony says P. major is out of range.
miked asked for examples & this is/was an example, so why risk messing it up??

|I’ve given you 2 examples miked, so are they going to be looked into?

The programmers are working on a process that should sort all of these out, they will try it on the test site first then deploy on live site, possibly this week or next week.

No more times, I only added it yesterday though…I have removed my agreement. There is no difference to the Outcome but I am really sorry…

Unable to remove Tag Bug
Struggling to remove tags today - not many people would wish to do that. But I sometimes do.
Simply cannot remove my Six-fig here

As the SA is now leaving so these posts might disappear,could someone look at the 2 blue crabs,& sort out the likely ID algorithm?