Carousel broken

If I try to filter by group (plants) the carousel just hangs up rather than displaying the filtered observations.

Thanks for letting us know.

Since filtering on the carousel wasn’t working for me I tried the observations list instead. Filtering that by group (plants) takes a long time to respond, but when it does it claims that no observations were found. I F5’d the pages in case there was a glitch, but it was consistent.

I suspect a common cause, in the form of a failing database query.

Next thing to try is to filter by taxonomy.

Thanks for the info, it has been passed to the progammers. You can contact me via inbox if there is more info on this.

They’re now working again.

Recently some attempts to switch form the main carousel to the plants one have been hanging up. (I was about to start a new Spinning Carousels thread to report this, but Discourse suggested this thread.) Possibly a different underlying cause.