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CoS4 Cloud phishing net

I imagine that I am not the only one to receive phishing mails but I think this one comes via my iSpot account. It may suggest that our email addresses and true names have leaked out. Cos4Cloud Citizen Observatories – Cos4cloud
It’s a safe link and so is the Home one
the mail begins
“Dear Derek, I am Ángela Justamante (CREAF); I manage Cos4Cloud’s communication together with Sonia Liñán (ICM-CSIC). We are contacting you…”
@miked @Janice_A

Hi dejayM

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Cos4Cloud is an OU / iSpot associated project but we have not provided user email contacts for this project purpose, unless users directly sign up to project communication via the Cos4Cloud website and provide this themselves. Can you please email me so I can investigate the matter further as a matter of urgency.



Done…(but there must be at least 20 characters)
I bet iSpot is stuffed FULL of Characters!

Thanks Derek - I’ve checked my email account that I use for iSpot and there is no problem for me.

I think this Thread can be taken down @Janice_A as I am not allowed to do it (don’t have rights). I am the only one that has received the mail so it does NOT appear to be an issue.