Deleting an observation

Lots of people ask me - here’s the route
Check the date of the one you want to delete
Your iSpot
Scan the (very long) list for the date (there is no easier way)
Check the title is right

You taught me this trick - you should be looking for the date posted -
In lay-person terms - Scroll through a couple of Nexts.
Get a feel of how many you may dates you may need to pass when scrolling.
Then see the number at the bottom - in the little circle… well this is reflected at the top of the screen - this line can be edited - so change the number and see how close you are to your required date - it becomes quiet easy.
I went back to 2011 last night.
Thanking Derek all the way.

(thanks) Useful for old Observations

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Yes it’s really counter-intuitive. Guess I can see the logic of making it hard (but not impossible) to delete content but if you have to delete an old record it’s tedious to find it.