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Dictionary deficiencies

That is very, very good news - thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Agreed: very good news though I suspect that we may not see any action for some time.

Good and bad.
When the action comes it will doubtless cause other issues and affects to occur in iSpot. One potential issue, if not hazard, are all the currently invalid IDs caused by misspells, bloody-mindedeness or my interference. A dictionary update will need some serious support-code so that IDs based on old Synonyms will get auto-corrected.
I would advise everyone to add the Tag absent1 (lower case) to any personal Observation where the ID is invalid, wrong, difficult or simply old. Add a note to Description.
As here
Doing so will mean you will be able to collect all your own posts and update them manually - it’s like preparing for Brexit (you’ll have probably heard of that)

Sounds more doable than Brexit.

This is the Global CoL dictionary Browser
Find Seaweeds or Freshwater Algae, if you can. Please let me know here if you find a single Global seaweed post with an ID. Is there a case for the Channel Isles to be included in the UK and Eire and Man Polygon - @miked ?

In the former (now vanished) forum I noted this massive hole in the catalogue of life, & surprisingly it’s still there
So if you open Chromista then Ochrophyta there’s Phaeophyceae with “no Living species” which you can then open to Fucales, Fucaceae,Fucus all with ‘no living species’
but it has links to and

I thought I had one, because I have a global seaweed post with an id,

However, it has an id Using the SANBI dictionary. So you are right, not in the Global dictionary.

:white_check_mark:Good try though.
I spent over year or so trying to help our Chilean Friends with seaweed posts, most of whom have moved, rather successfully to iNat (chus sayin’)
i eventually gave up

And so
Is there any support for bringing the Channel Isles BACK into the UK Community (and the UKSI) by extending UK Community Polygon

With my usual “hello trees, hello sky” inattention, I didn’t realise they had been excommunicated. I don’t see why they shouldn’t be included.

YES - bring back Channel Islands!!!

Can we ask for an update on the plan, mentioned in this topic in 2018, that the dictionaries will be updated?
I know of the pressures in OU and other academic institutions. So this is not meant as a criticism, just a question as to timing; or if updating dictionaries is no longer in the plan, then that would be useful to know too.

From July 2019…
I think we are using the 2008 versions