Does iSpot measure trends etc?

Apologies if this is answered somewhere on the site but I wondered if anything was done with the data/info in iSpot - eg prevalence of species etc. This occurred to me yesterday when I noticed a few sightings of swollen -thighed beetles and I also saw my first one of the year yesterday. Is this monitored in any way? - eg first of the year sightings, geography etc - there is so much valuable info on iSpot, it would be great if something was being done with it.

It is an interesting question as to what if any metrics are done.

I suspect that iSpot also generates the observations of things as a consequence of other users postings. On numerous occasions I have looked for things because I have seen an iSpot observation, and wanted to see it for myself. Wonderful though photos are, the full three-d effect in context is that much better.

Couldn’t agree more Gulvain, there are so many things, many of which I was completely oblivious to, that iSpot has inspired me to go out and search for - and what an absolute thrill it is when you discover one!