DONATE sometimes?

I do not Donate directly very often, But I spend an age on web-research, I suspect we all rely on the Web
I have just donated to First Nature - Microscopy of spores, hyphae, cystidia, trama, to identify fungi
I’d be surprised if you have not used F-N for a little support.
I have also donated to Wikipedia Make your donation now - Wikimedia Foundation
Once a year, a small amount. Easiest method PayPal. I KNOW it’s not for everyone.

Many people have wanted to donate to ispot over the years but the OU system makes it almost impossible. Interesting that all the competing systems have always allowed donations.

I occasionally donate to the sites I rely upon for ID help (and Wikipedia). Somehow, I feel a bit different about iSpot, as I “donate” time trying to ID or agree; but this is not, I realise, entirely logical.

I know what you mean, the ones we donate to are upfront about wanting donations, such as Wikipedia.