FASTCAT Tours the UK

Did you know that FastCat is quietly Touring the UKs Mammals and Birds?
Watch for the tags…
here’s one
Use Explore Community to see if it has visited YOU
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add links below to entertaining ones (please)


Looks like it’s just begun. My Rattus was posted in Sept 22 and it’s the only one of my mammals with the tag so far.
When I was filtering for the tag, there’s also fastcast bird - only one done so far and no doubt we can expect a deluge.

Not so good with this
an understandable miss
I think it’s really cool that AI can bring dandelions to species

This is fun - I’ve not got many UK obs so wondering if getting spotted is like a lottery win - I’ve also posted a seal.

FASTCAT bird processing will begin shortly. There’s nearly 100 UK mammal observations tagged with ‘fastcat mammal’ now - and the model has been expanded to include marine mammals.


There is not much current interest in my Project (on the Home Page) with no interest shown by developers at all.
So should I just erase it?

No, please don’t delete it.

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