Filtering own observations

Hi all, in the observations tab of my ispot, is there a way of filtering your own observations by group eg plants, mammals etc to help to locate posts? Apologies if I’ve missed something obvious as not very IT savvy.

There are several ways of doing this. One very general way is to go to the ‘explore community’ tab then select ‘map’. This has the optoin of choosing a set of fliters, you can select your own name (or anyone else) in the filter then choose any of the other filters to get what you want.

Many thanks Mike - I’m sure the site has lots of functionality that I’m just not aware of.

i am left wondering why users are not advised to read some of my ‘stuff’
Is it because it is of little use, out of sight or too difficult to understand?
I really need someone to be honest because I spend a LOT of (wasted?) time on :star:SOME iLinks here

Which can lead to some Community Guides here
and eventually to this
HONEST, I’d prefer to know and I will not be hurt…

I frequently follow your links dejay - thanks for all you have put into them.
BUT THEN what we need is maybe something like a Project link that we can personally save - WORDS OF WISDOM. I can’t always find my way back.
Not sure if Favourites would work.

Much more to do with my poor memory.

If twer me I might form a Project in ZA or Global and use it as a store for links
I am keeping :star:SOME iLinks​:star: near the top of the projects Panel for this very reason and IF there are projects or is useful Admin material that needs adding PLEASE say
There are a few people who have Sand boxes (personal projects for experiments) They can be found in the Projects list

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