Fishy reputations...few people have a sufficient reputation to invoke a Likely banner

Please have a look through the Fish observations and add an agreement where you can. For example this observation has an ID and two agreements but no Likely banner.

Update: ChrisMcA added his two fishy icons and created a Likely banner. Thank you!

Would be good if we could attract more people who know about fish. I have tried several times, there are huge numbers of anglers and others who do know about fish but they don’t seem to want to do ispotting.

Steve Smailes is knowledgeable about fish and has commented on/identified some of the observations. For example,

It would be good if we could help improve his reputation.

To improve his reputation then he needs to make fishy Identifications that people agree with (or I could allocate him knowledgeable status if he is knowledgeable and he wants this designation).

Nightfly still lurks in the wings - he always regrets not being more regular I think he would ‘return’ if asked nicely

will try my cousin - watch this space…

Do we have a nice project (that could be mentioned here) with fishy observations that need some attention e.g. those without likely ID and those with not much agreement in general?

‘We’ used to have a LOVELY one with a powerful quick-link index to all the species in iSpot and some useful external resource. It was RUINED by the Recode.
Here is the current one, which collects all the Marine (not Coastal, where some people still put Marine Fish)
There is a link there to the old Project - I still live in hope that my work will be corrected in the next recode (some hope!)
Oh to be able to use the HTMLT href tag again IN iSpot Projects
Chus sayin’…

and so…these (Thanks)
Need correcting or deleting probably the latter (please?) (two removed)

have left the last one of these 3 but dealt with the other two

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This observation has an ID but needs more agreements to make it Likely. Hopefully, Simon the Fisherman who recently added his agreement will stay around and improve his reputation in Fish.

And, another

Neither of these seems to want a “likely” banner…

want a "likely?
The likely Banner can often be ‘fixed’ if the observation is sound but you are not really certain.
Simply add an agreement and withdraw it. This leaves the banner in place, disassociates your name, adds other Observations, gives the User a valuable Icon point and is satisfying.
Checking your tracker, you will see that your involvement is erased (for ensics)!
NOT to be used indiscriminately but often a worthy gesture.
BUT YOU need a reasonable Icon score to make it work

(Followed by random mutterings to reach minimum permitted characters)

Strikes me as a very fishy thing to do! There is now another fish person with some reputation who might help but not sure how many he will interact with.

Hope so. If you’re referring to S the F, I’ve left a message for him in a post he commented on.

WANTED - iSpotters with 2 or more Fish icons, to invoke Likely Banners. DONE!
Many thanks, dejayM for invoking the Likely Banners.
Gramandy suggested this is a Sole. He is usually right!

5/5/20. All sorted now. Thanks to dejayM. Thank you!

Fish with IDs in need of someone with 2 or more Fish icons to invoke a Likely Banner.

Anyone able to Agree this ID, if not, add an ID for Seal?

And a bonus Moth

Calling anyone with at least one fish icon to help us invoke a Likely Banner. DejayM?

More agreements needed to invoke the Likely Banner. Please.
(Thanks to Thistle for helping with the previous Stickleback.)