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Stupid me. Was hoping to get some help with ID of plant species here on Jersey this week, but find they are languishing in global observations despite the BSBI and many other UK-based organisations treating Channel Islands records as ‘wider UK’. Its very sad as most of the things I am interested in also grow in the SW of the UK, but are just a bit more common and easy to see on Jersey - its why I came here…

Could we maybe reconsider and treat Jersey and the Channel Islands as ‘honorary UK’?

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Wondering if you’d be able to set up a project and include the islands in the map but then only look at the map view at the same time add tags to (eg JoP- offshore) - thinking, umm - but may not work.
Good luck.

Thanks Marlandza - I did wonder about setting up a ‘fascinating insight into the UK Flora via Jersey’ project - but its not quite the same. Feel like I’m posting into a vacuum… :frowning:
Interesting insight into how the rest of the global community might feel…

I have created a project then realised it wasn’t showing in the UK recent projects lists as its not in the UK. Have therefore cheated and cunningly extended my project area boundary to the UK south coast.

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I ENTIRELY agree and about time (I have asked before). @miked was able to ‘correct’ the UK Polygon for my Isle of Man crusade here
An issue will be that some of the current IDs are not in the UK Dictionary and you may find the CoL more (or less) helpful than the UKSI - maybe.
I think ALL the existing Obs will stay in Global. It is time for a re-evaluation anyway, surely. Well done with the project boundaries.

Incidentally, many thanks to those who’ve helped ID misc Jersey flora so far - esp Mike D and Jo C

…and also now Mark Wilson - much appreciated