Grogonomics & the barrier reef

It’s alarming news from Australia

I came on this from an article “great-barrier-reef-is-in-much-better-shape-than-climate-alarmists-claim-australian-environment-minister-confirms” in a highly dubious (& not recommended) website ‘Not a lot of people know that’, apparently run by Paul Homewood. From google (& he’s "a retired accountant with no professional qualifications or training in meteorology. & further which seems to show a rise in climate change denial in UK. I do hope this isn’t creeping back into UK politics.
This is in marked contrast to the recent CNN visit to the reef,(both pristine&devastated parts) diving with J.E.N.(Charlie) Veron, now 74, world expert on corals

“I do hope this isn’t creeping back into UK politics”. I hadn’t noticed it had slunk away at all; it seems alive and well, unlike the habitats like the barrier reef. I suppose someone pays them to post their lies.