Help for BioBlitz students

I’m not an OU tutor, but this forum post might be a place where those of us who like to help out the S295 posters could post material that we cannot add as comments to their posts.

My first post is for Natasha Erdursun.

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You could always put link from the observation to this forum item

@JoC Good luck. Thus far I have found BioBlitz students disappointingly uncommunicative. Maybe the forum is their natural habitat.
That is an excellent illustration, which I will squirrel away.

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very inventive with Bioblitz tags

Here’s an innovative one:

I keep getting notification of comments on the The Biology of Survival (OU course S295) - bioblitz 2023 thread but when I look there don’t seem to be any visible.

It is because you had made a comment (I think) but then I removed the comments which were made also by myself and Derek in the hope that s295 students themselves might comment.

yes, Ken the comments were deleted because they might have been misleading to students. Students much prefer to mislead themselves and most also hate commenting. There are now 6 rogue tags in use and counting

There was one today which is possibly the longest ever tag!

Was that the ink cap one?

[ Scaly Wood Mushroom