HELP please - what should I do?

I think this has happened to me before.
Today I was trying to find observations of PLANTS from a particular day. Which sounds quite a simple task - bit not when some facetious soul suggested this observation was a cauliflower that was the end of the LICHEN.
Synan (iSpot) helped me to find my way - but :
Likely ID Lumpy Yellow Lichen
Identifications 6
Agreements 1
Comments 18 comments later … and any number of migrants, it’s entrenched in PLANTS.
Sorry just moaning - but maybe an AGREEMENT may save the day. It’s really only one of 4289 or more southern African Lichen observations.

Id be happy to help, though an agreement to which ID are you asking for?

what should I do?
Remove your agreement from Lumpy thing…
The rest should be simple
EXCEPT if you look at agreements they are as Plants’men’ - I suspect JoPs one will be too. This suggests to me that you need to add another Lichen ID and that might trigger the 2017 re-code and change everything.
If it turns sour then make a new Observation and copy any valuable comments from the old to the new, one at a time and, when ‘satisfied’ Delete the old one.

Delete the post and re-post it?

Thanks to all
I think I may need to take a few deep breaths and then see what I can do -
dejayM I assume that you know that my alter ego is Marigold Wilderness at Flickr.
Last resort would be to delete.

Of course I knew…
I will see if I can break the spell at the Ob.
If you delete you SHOULD add a new one

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has my agreement helped here by shifting the ID to the correct one?

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Looks like Miked has done what’s needed.

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Yes - and now the other observations are linked. I may need to do some housekeeping.
Thanks to all for the invaluable help.

:mushroom:I don’t think we need to do anything else for the moment - do you? Looks like miked’s magic worked. :grin:

Yes, it’s such a pity that we have to get Curation with these simple things. And true, Likely is in the right place now.
I have mixed feelings about these lengthy and unwieldy Observations. As people add comments (Mike just did) we are flagged, so then have to wade through the whole list to find what has been added. This is a very difficult task IF someone adds a comment, as a reply, to an earlier Comment - find it if you can.
Posts like this sometime have valuable comment-trails as history of the way the ID or the iSpot site develops.
In this case, if it was mine I would delete it and start again. BUT as so many have contributed it may seem ‘rude’ to dump it. In any case, it will soon be forgotten!
I took a Streetview ride to that location, well only to the Private Road notice. It looks so desolate but GOODNESS I’d like a few hours with my camera along there just now!.

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I wish that I could add more personal street-views - I’ve been browsing once more (14th Feb 2019) and the close-ups we need for identification don’t show how splendid some of the surrounding scenery is.