Hint for Santa -

Also reinforces my frequent witterings about people feeding bread to wildfowl…
Whilst we’re here -

Shouldn’t the Aquatic Fowl mugs have an “Alone and Nervous “Starling option?

Plus pesky padding characters that entirely spoil the succinct nature of the comment I intended to convey…

I always liked the Viz job vacancies for Monks.
Amongst the bullet-point desirable attributes :-

  • Ability to keep bees under pressure
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Wonderful stuff. That reminds me of a double page spread in the Guardian many years ago that I really wish I had kept. It was an April Fool that coincided with the abolition of the Metropolitan counties and the GLC, and consisted of dozens of fake local authority jobs, including one as a Liberation Theologian (‘belief in God desirable but not essential’).

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Some of the genuine job adverts leave me wondering… there has been a lot in the papers about a ‘Lived Experience Officer’ which the Midlands NHS Trust is advertising for at £115k per annum.
I think that the idea is that you identify with people who have suffered discrimination, which is probably fair enough, but the title is a bit bizarre.

Advertisements in general are a rich source of humour, mainly unintentional.
Before the start of one meeting I passed a clipping from “The Scotsman” newspaper round the table. It was looked at without comment by a number of academics and HM Inspectors of Schools before eliciting the expected guffaw from a chalkface colleague.

Here’s the ad …

HM Inspector of Schools
Specialist Subject: English
Salary: under revue


Nice! 1212121212 (‘Post must be at least 20 characters’).

A bit more than the average nurse…

Very true - but perhaps the average nurse has too much ‘lived experience’.