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Holidays: where and when?

OK, I give in

There…that wasn’t so hard now, was it? Promise not to litter the beaches or do other unspeakable tourist things :slight_smile:

If any of those botanical people are going to Orkney (or other Scottish islands) it would be useful to note any areas of Machir grassland or MG8 or MG4. A few indicator plant observations and a short note so the observation can be found. With my floodplans research group ( hat on botanists have been looking at several other Scottish islands but missed out Orkney as it was thought there was rather little of this type of grassland there. dejay seems to have some nice grassland but not sure if it is the type we are after.

I spend much of my time around the local reserves. But an area I am discovering is a little further north - the Cambs/Lincs/Northants/Leics border area. It’s quite under-estimated. Some are close enough (Old Sulehay, Bedford Purlieus) for fairly frequent visits. Some small reserves (such as Robert’s Field) have a remarkable variety of interesting species. And some of the historic places (Liveden New Bield is one) are set in species-rich settings.
Nothing too remarkable, but no shortage of options.

Actually a bit further north in Lincs/Leics there are a couple of iSpot 10km squares with no observations, I noted these areas several years ago and some still have no observations. Check through the list of images to see the one with Lincs/leices.

Suspicon that I have been to all the land based ones in that area myself but just not made any observations there.

Isles of Scilly

In mid to late May - lots of good plants and still some interesting birds turn up (get up early) - great seashores - wide variety of fish to eat in pubs/restaurants - if forced to you could put in a ferw days at the Lizard - go to one of Will Wagstaff’s walks or talks - visit the islands - avoid cruiseboats - Tresco for the gardeners - walk all the way round St Mary’s

Mark Wilson -