How are new experts created?

Can I nominate Boris Bueche for an invertebrates expert badge? It is embarrassing that my badge can over-rule him.

There are probably others who deserve an expert badge too. What is the procedure for handing them out?

I WOULD agree. I followed Boris awhile, whilst he was rarely doubtful, and it did NOT matter when he was (or they are), he put up a good show with a comment and reasoning.
BUT he has not posted here for years (actually since the Recode!)
A tiny bit of (valuable?) history is here (comments)
In my time here I have proposed a few Knowledgeables and a couple of Experts. They don’t always accept, often feeling, I suppose, that the role may be too restricting.
iSpot has lost a lot of Experts over the years - they are sorely missed in some areas.
Personally I do not think such proposals should be aired in the Forum but made privately to the Curator.

Yes if anyone has an expert/knowledgeable proposal then let me know directly via the ‘contact us’ button at the end of each page.