How to help a Bumblebee without sugary solution

Im in a diffucult situation I don’t have any sugary solution and I found a Tired and exsusted Bumblebee on the ground in the garden I put finger out for it to cling onto and then put my finger next to a Budlea Butterfly Bush and it crawled onto the Butterfly bush but when I came back 2 hours later it was still resting and not moveing much just walking about for abit then snuggling up on the flower again or cleaning its antennaes then being still again for a long time without moving so it’s too tired and exsusted to feed from it what should I do?

The way to tell if a bee is worth saving is to have a look at the wings.
If the wings look tatty and warn it may just be at end of life.
Sugar water is just sugar or honey dissolved in plain water. There is nothing special about it.

The Bumblebees wings were ok. As for sugary soloution it is water and sugar mixed together the sugar desolves into the water so it is sugar in liquid form to make a sugary soloution. it does help give Bumblebees an energy boost it is suggested to only use it as a last resort. First and best suggestion is to put it on a flower so it can drink nectar so that it has energy that lasts rather than energy that only lasts a certain period of time.

Normaly I find tired and exsusted Bumblebees as Autumn approaches more when flowers start to die back and disappear in the borders The house normaly has sugar and cause there’s no sugar I can’t make any if it comes to it that I cant find any flowers to put the Bumblebee on and most of my wildflowers are either closed or not Flowering but luckily i noticed my budlea is still in flower so put it on there. it stayed in the same place for a couple of hours so every one or two hours I checked it was still there but still most of the time and quiet slow and in motivated to move much. it was in the shade rather than in the sun cause the sun wasn’t shineing on the border.

I figured it would be better to put it on the budlea but in order to get the energy it would need to drink the nector from the Budlea it didn’t look up when I checked on it and was mainly looking stait ahead or had its chin on the flower so it was hard to see if it had its toungue out or not and if it did get pollen all over its chin though from being on the flower eventually. There was one time where I saw something that looked like it’s toungue but I couldn’t see well enough and it mainly had its chin on the flower so I wasn’t sure weather it was actually getting any energy from it cause it was still lethargic and acting like it’s not feeding. I had been checking every 1 to 2 hours. I checked after tea which was in another 2 hours and it’s disappeared it’s not in any webs or anything and it’s not on the ground or in the budlea or other wildlflower borders now

I have seen several large bumblebees on the ground recently looking as if they are in good condition but moving very slowly and in some cases seen them dead a few days later.

iv noticed that most of the tired Bumblebees I come across don’t have tapered wings or anything but are simply very tired and drained
Last year I encountered a Bumblebee that was very tired and drained but it was also injured so I tryed to help it. I had sugary soloution so I gave it sugary soloution and let it have a rest and after a couple of days it seemed to of recovered from its injury and also had enough energy to fly off thankfuly I havnt encountered one like that since