Identify vegetative orchids

I have just seen this mentioned on La Societe Guernesiaise Botany Section -Facebook site


It may have been around for a while but I have not come across it before

suspect that is a link to your own computer?

Thanks Mike

How about this


That’s nice, Mark thanks
The sub-link (last page) to Identification Trainers for the Future | Natural History Museum
is inspiring. Note the Coleoptera and Bumbles keys

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Brilliant. The identification guide is super helpful. And, I’ve forwarded the link onto friends. Thanks

Training for the future article very informative. Hoping to see April Windle - Beginner’s Guide to Lichens lichen when it’s published.

Brilliant links in this thread - I have been struggling with a filmy fern, when what do I see via these links? A wonderful short film as part of the ID Trainers for the Future project about 3 target species in the temperate rain forests, including the two filmy ferns I’ve been looking at! :slight_smile: