Identifying Mayflies

Can anyone suggest a good internet resource for identifying mayflies, please? Too many of the ones I have found give me suggestions as to how to create fishing-fly look-alikes.

I haven’t found one. If you look at, the number of “unlinked” species suggests that information is indeed scarce.
There are a few at, and at, but you probably know about these.
You could try to track down Mayflies (Harker 1989): in the Naturalists’ Handbook series. This one would be cheaper -
As an aside, I heard a radio article a while back about the small but significant illegal trade in exotic bird feathers (wild-caught or stolen from aviaries and museums) for fly-tying enthusiasts. Apparently, most never actually use the lures they make, it’s all about the craft work.

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That’s very useful. Many thanks. I think I’ll start with the FSC one and see how I get on.

Fly-tying is a skill I’ve now pretty much lost through disuse. Almost everything I tied was, however, used to try to catch fish. Much more satisfying than just looking at the things (though I appreciate that others may disagree.)