iForum LIVE!: AI and iSpot: a spotlight on the PlantNet API

Yes, that is odd - the two observations submitted either side of this one (time-wise) do have [email protected] comments. The only thing I can think of is one of the extra images (there are five attached to this observervation) has confused the AI. When I get a moment I’ll tweak the script so that I can manually make one-off re-submissions in cases like this.

Thanks for responding. The point of that flower observation was to make a comment on the current trial, I don’t mind (really really don’t mind at all!!!) not having AI input on my iSpot obs since I had PlantNet input to it already, in the field - a use of the app that was interesting for me and quite fun.

The question is valid why NOT Hesperantha coccinea
and WHY Seaweeds?