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The wildlife trust is rather hyping it. It’s a collection of over 20 disjoint parcels of land scattered from Brean Down to Wells, most of which was already nature reserves of one form or another. They’ve done the same merger trick with Purbuck Heaths and Somerset Wetlands,

Mendip National Nature Reserve No 01 Declaration (

Devon: ‘Horrified’: Devon village in shock at felling of 100 ancient beech trees | Trees and forests | The Guardian
“ located in a special conservation area and site of special scientific interest, ”.
My recent reading of the the National Planning Policy Framework does not allow this; I am surprised the Forestry Commission, a branch of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, don’t have a copy of this on their shelves to inform their Standards. .

Saw this last night - disgusting action.

It is described as a grown-out hedge on an ancient Devon bank. It may be that the felling, effectively coppicing, is beneficial to both the trees and the bank. The lack of consultation sounds callous but you can’t imagine it would have got the popular vote if there had been consultation.

Alan Pearce, a tree warden from the area, said: “It certainly ought to be a fairly wide consultation because it’s part of our heritage, grown-out hedges that go back hundreds of years. Once they’re gone you’re talking about 200 years to regrow."

No, those stems are about 50 years old. The rootstocks may be ancient but the individual stems are relatively young. Maybe next time round, someone will remember to coppice them before they get to an age where they might blow over and destroy the hedgebank.

Yes, maintenance is the word: