Introduction to Conifer ID

In case anyone is struggling with this rather difficult group, you might be interested in this FSC course next weekend - Sat 14th March, in London, held at the FSC’s Bushy Park centre.

Ideal for complete beginners!

Sounds promising but just too far away from me. Hope the course goes well. If you have time could you have a look at this UI Pine Observation and add an ID.

It’s from Miked’s Project of UI Plants from pre 10/10/10

I’ve added some comments to the observation: with just one photo, which doesn’t show all the necessary features, I’m not prepared to add an actual ID, but I hope that my comments help the poster to see what they need to look at, if you see what I mean.

Anyone who is interested in learning about Conifer Basics but can’t get to that course might like to try this eBook: Basics.

Many thanks. Appreciate your input.