Invertebrates in Europe without likely ID new project to have a go at

Might be interesting to see if the invert people or the plant people can reduce the numbers more quickly, plants started at over 1000.

Suspect the inverts will be rather more tricky than the plants but some progress can be made.

and I am probably even worse at invertebrates than i am at birds. Good idea though!

Hi Miked
I was looking through the observations in your project and was hoping to add some agreements and provide assistance with ID’s. I looked at several that had ID’s already but had not linked to the external sites. I tried to correct this by posting a revised ID, but to no avail, the names were not recognised in the iSpot directory.

Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed?

Here’s a sample of the observations in question:

Good point Dave but these two are absent from the CoL index, so we cannot blame the oft inefficient iSpot
I have been to that post, and many others like it to TRY and remove the stigma of no ID. I have been successful but in a poor, last-resort way.
I have done quite a few like this, so they no longer appear in the Project

Melanocoryphus albomaculatus IS in the CoL Index but not the iSpot version. This is because iSpot has lost the will and financing to update their (OUR) Dictionaries. Eventually this will bring down iSpot and it is one of the main reasons why many of the Southern African Community have left.
I have left a challenge for geff.2007 in comments
PS - he took it up and succeeded

In >>Carpocoris pudicus<< George (geff.2007) has made a powerful observation in RE: Allow me… I’d be interested in others’ appraisal, considering my response there.

April Tool
The UK version has just been revised

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these projects are still running - ANY help would help

over 4 THOUSAND Unidentified Invertebrates

Currently showing only those before 2013… I will change the date-range frequently over the next two weeks