Is it time for all those attacked by wildlife stories?

Then there are of course the Farn Islands (but not this year) where arctic turns take chunks out of the visitors and skuas, what else?

Herring gulls can be quite nasty too if they nest on a house roof.
A homeowner was told that they could not get rid of them.
If it had been my home it would have donned the drain rods and hard hat under the cover of darkness. It was on the chimney.

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Gull attacks are common but buzzard attacks arnt

I know tawny owls are very territorial and can attack intruders to there territory though

It is often the little things that are most of a pain though. Was taking photos of plants and a truck with bee hives pulled up about 100m away, the bees were not happy about their journey so came out and decided to have a go at stinging rather a lot. Fortunately realised what was happening so was able to move away rapidly into safety of car to remove the stings.

The famous case of the outstanding wildlife photographer, Eric Hosking, who wrote ‘An eye for a bird’ after losing an eye to a tawny owl.

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AND in Africa - I was bitten by a baboon at Cape Point. One of those days when we were taking a visitor to the Point. An alpha male thought that I had food in my handbag.
I still remember how ir came at me with huge fangs trying to get to my face. I stood my ground and stamped my feet - to no avail. He bit my arm and my friend said “Give him your bag” which I did, Those who know The Point will understand that the chances of him taking the bag down the mountainside were high. Fortunately I only had spare batteries for my camera, which he tried to eat and discarded.
When I went to the hospital for a Tet. shot the nurse laughed and said I wasn’t the only one he had bitten recently.
Some fun stories of how they raided the restaurant despite electric fencing.

Headline in The Times today (29th May): " Toxic caterpillars that cause rashes spread across UK". It’s about the oak processionary moth which is advancing five miles per year across the UK. I could post a link but it’s subscribers only.

Brown tail larvae were the itchy ones I can remember from my school days.
There was a hedge full of them between school and the shops one spring.
Lots of very itchy teenagers.

Mail - Toxic caterpillars that cause rashes are spreading across England - how to spot them | Daily Mail Online
Huff! Oh Good – 'Toxic' Caterpillars Are Spreading Across The UK | HuffPost UK Life

GBIF Thaumetopoea processionea Linnaeus, 1758. Zoom in a little and then use the slider back to 1980

I note the comment posted under the Daily Mail article: "eco loons want to stop you enjoying warm weather.
now, they want to stop you going into your garden, or out for walks

You couldn’t make it up!