iSpot development updates

Changes are underway to the iSpot website infrastructure to help improve the user experience.

To implement this there will be some downtime and the site will be offline Saturday and Sunday August 21 – 22. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. More details here:

NEW!! Information on further updates below!

THANKS for this Janice
we hold our collective breath!


Thanks for letting us know -
Thinking …what will I do!!!

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Hope everything runs smoothly. Good luck!

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Thanks to those who replied! Just a quick reminder that the site will be offline both Saturday and Sunday August 21 - 22. We plan be back up and running for 9 a.m. Monday the 23rd. For those on Twitter look out for any updates there. Again apologies for the inconvenience and we look forward to seeing you back on the site next week!


Just as we go live, some network issue has tripped us up! Our apologies - hopefully this is short-term.

And we’re live! Hopefully you will find that the site runs a bit quicker in most areas - we’re aware that the filtering of the image carousels on the home page is still quite slow.
The next release will include a visual facelift and then we hope to launch the new UK species dictionary - which is already undergoing testing.


Thanks Janice - I’ve just posted my first observation with a tricky name - worked well for me -
Thanks to all concerned, who must have been working through the night.
Much :grinning: appreciated


Was really fast for me - posting to the SA Community, but from London UK.


Good to have the site back! Well done so far to all concerned!


Thank you so much for the positive feedback so far, it was indeed an extremely busy weekend! As Chris_Valentine noted above the loading of images in the carousels on the front page may be slow and there are a few issues from the recent updates we are still working on reintegrating i.e. the iSpot Keys. Plus there is more to come in the next stage of developments!

We have done extensive checks on the updated system but there may also be things we have not picked up on yet and we could really use your help checking performance and monitoring new user issues. If anyone sees anything that needs attention, you could help by giving us feedback, please email: [email protected] to find out how to get involved!

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Thanks for the updates. Have missed the site over the weekend! Thanks :slight_smile:


iSpot is getting a refresh!
We are updating the front page of the website to help improve the user experience. Look out for changes in the week ahead.

This is the second of a series of updates and we will be sharing more information about this and the other upgrades and developments soon.

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Thanks - looking forward!

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I found this interesting Janice

Hi dejayM

Yes it is something that has interested us for some time and we are looking into it further with the Technical Team. Will keep you updated.


Development updates: iSpot technical improvements, November 3

Work to improve the overall iSpot user experience has continued behind the scenes and we are deploying the next batch of code improvements today. To facilitate this we scheduled some iSpot downtime between 9 - 10 a.m. Wednesday, November 3.

While code improvements are underway the site will be locked down with an extra login to prevent changes while we test the new code. We anticipate the site will be unavailable for no more than 1/2 hour. We request that you please do not attempt to post comments, observations etc. until after this scheduled time as these may be lost. Read the update in the front page story about these improvements.


The site is now available again. Thanks for your patience. You should see a number of changes and hopefully the site will respond faster than it has been.


Thanks for your work on this. Always remind myself this is free and also advert-free.

This morning some slow loading, and the following to report: A couple of the error messages received when trying to access observations from within tracker - but went through fine on second attempt both cases.
Changes and activity trackers now do what they say! Great!

The carousels displayed much faster.

But, and possibly related, when you open up an observation, images and/or thumbnails are inconsistently missing. Of the latest 5 plant observations

latest - OK
2nd latest - images and thumbnails missing
3rd latest - images OK, thumbnails missing
4th latest - single image (so no thumbnails) missing (and I saw that one yesterday)
5th latest - single image (so no thumbnails) OK