Issue I'd like to mention

There have been a lot of entries, today 20th May so that some that were added this morning have already disappeared off the carousel on the home page.
Would it be possible to increase the number that display so that they stay there for at least 24 hours, or some of the less well-studied taxa simply disappear with no comments. (I’ve had a few recently.)


Back in mark 1 we had the Unread list, which let you see all changes to observations within specified criteria (which for me was all plant observations within the Western Palaeoarctic), so you could catch up when you missed a day or few.

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It seems to me that, at present, there is a maximum number of members that iSpot could accommodate. If we had, say, 100 more people contributing, stuff would disappear far too quickly. Which is a pity, when you consider that there has been quite a bit of discussion about how to retain new members.

I have been using the filters below the thumbnails.
You get a full carousel of plants and birds and so on for each one.
With all the emerging insects at this time of year it would not take long for the carousel to fill up even with the filter.

One reason I tend to use the List view.
But that also has its problems. I usually work my way to the last one I looked at, then work upwards. But when people have been busy, and I’m not on the front page, when someone adds observations, I will miss whichever one is then shunted downwards and on to the next page. It doesn’t appear on that page list until it’s refreshed, so we ‘pass in the night’.

Two things can be done
the first shows 49 at a time; like in the carousel it is easy to pick the ones that interest you
More detal is in List view (as Amadan says)

and these show you a filtered list of 49 most recent ones

@Surreybirder I did notice that some of your spider posts had gone through uncommented. I don’t have much spideysense, but it was remiss not to at least comment. I generally know when an observation is going to roll gently off the carousel when submitting them.
There probably need to be more people looking at the more difficult/less well-studied taxa. I know I have started using the list with search criteria to catch observations I have missed.

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Thanks, Roger,
I’m not too worried about spiders - they never get accepted anyway. But I’ve seen a few insects go through without comment.
It’s not tragic but I think that iSpot will always have a limited clientele unless it plans to have more observers - and explains to them how to make the best use of what’s on offer.

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I have been quietly suggesting for years that there is a need for Taxa monitors in iSpot
These are willing users, who need no expertise, but who look through the Help-with Carousel obs that are about to drop out of view (after about three weeks) and add a comment or better, a high taxa ID.

As for normal Observations, if no-one agrees or comments after a few months, each user should consider reviewing and perhaps adding a higher tax ID for safety. The cellar is overflowing with Likely IDs with no agreements, thousands with the wrong ID.
To top it all I have suggested (to Admin) that NO ID gets the Likely Banner until there is an agreement
There…I said it!

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I think the last point is very sensible. Not sure I fully understand the first point. 'look through the Help-with Carousel obs… ’ Doesn’t the time before obs drop out of view depend on how many new obs are added?

I seem to recall that without a likely banner you don’t get to see the other observations? Is that the true the other way round? Thus once an observation has dropped off the carousel then encountering it again would be rather unlikely and then ever getting a likely would be remote. Otherwise it seems reasonable that at least one person should agree for an observation to become likely. I wonder how many observations would lose there likely banner, I know several of mine would.

yes, but with the unidentifieds it take about three weeks because there are not so many
This, for example, will drop off, to deep oblivion, today It just needs someone…anyone…

Currently true and needs consideration. My view would be an added and agreeable High taxa ID to all
I have also proposed a system that allows us to agree to any level of taxonomy.
So the Likely Banner gradually moves down the taxonomy tree as agreements ‘strengthen’

I do not believe those with an ID but without an agreement, should disappear like the one above might’ve
None of this is currently very practical. Except a team of monitors whose role might be to prevent obs sinking without comment could already be active.
I have this project that collects ALL unidentified Obs (those without a likely Banner)

No-one looks at it, unless I promote it

Bees are tricky and there is room for another bee expert! They don’t seem to get reviewed on iRecord any more, either.

What should one do if one comes across an observation that seems unlikely ever to be resolved - even though there is a long comment trail? E.g.[1].jpg
(It’s not clear to me what the pictures show - apart from a metal ring which doesn’t look like a bird ring to me.)

Thats interesting. What you said about bees. For me Even though I send lots of bee observations im very good at identifying different ttypes of bees and good at separateing them and Exspeacially with Bumblebees and know a lot about bees like I do with most wildlife. So if I had the opportunity to fill that gap where there’s room for a bee exspert I wouldn’t mind filling that gap if I had the opportunity. With I record I havnt sent any of my bees to I record yet so I might give it a try and see if I find none of them are being verified by an expert or not aswell.

That is easy as it is a Bird’s pelvic structure - ID as Aves with some ID notes and a link

Oh Zo…you are just the person to wander through here (please?)
Open List view, look for ones without agreement

What about duplicates… how do they get removed.
Could Zo remove this one, for example…

Sure. Iv been meaning to get round to that. I don’t know how I managed to make a duplicate and not even know I made one
Update: iv done it now